If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact the JD administrator at ask@JewishDirectory.com, and we will answer your query within 48 hours.

How can I add a new listing to the directory?
We’re happy to hear that you want to help add to our growing directory. The more active our members are, the more comprehensive our listings can be.

Once you have downloaded the JD app, simply click on the “Settings” symbol on the top right hand corner of the home screen, which will bring up a column where “Add Listing” will be the first option. Select “Add Listing” and fill in the information required. Your suggested listing will be added to the directory upon approval from administrators. This should take up to 48 hours. If your listing has not been added after a period of five days, do feel free to contact an administrator at support@JewishDirectory.com .

You will require the following information to complete a Business listing:

Residential listings require only name and contact details.

What devices is the JD app compatible with?

JD is currently available to download for free on the Android store and the Apple store, and is compatible with most mobile devices and tablets.

How do I report a mistake in a listing?

At the bottom of each listing page is a “report” button that will allow you to fill in a form to alert administrators to any errors or discrepancies found in the listing. Thank you for being an active participant in growing our directory! L'chaim!

How can I purchase an ad for display on your pages?

You may have come across ad listings on our directory pages, Placing an ad in our app directory puts you in direct contact with Jewish clients. If you’re a Jewish business looking to connect with your target audience, placing an ad in JD is your best bet. To add an ad for your business, send us an email at ads@JewishDirectory.com.

How can I contact you with suggestions or complaints?

We are open to feedback and you can contact us with suggestions, compliments or complaints at support@JewishDirectory.com at any time.